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NFBPA Center for Leadership Development

"New leaders must be equipped with the necessary skills to affect change through training, have the ability to discern the lessons of the past through mentoring relationships, and have the opportunity to translate ideas into action through meaningful work experiences."   - The National Forum for Black Public Administrators

For many years now, leaders and their affiliated organizations, have discussed the need to share 'lessons in leadership' from one generation to the next. As individuals, we continue to do our part in mentoring, teaching, and providing opportunities; yet, the institutional memory on how to change and affect policy, people, communities, and institutions, is neither published in text, nor formally translated or communicated. The Center for Leadership Development, through its programs and initiatives, will create a formal vehicle for translating the leadership lessons of the past into useful tools for emerging and existing leaders.

The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA), the nation's premier membership association for Black appointed managers and executives serving public organizations throughout the United States, is pleased to announce the launching of the Center for Leadership Development. The Center for Leadership Development serves as an umbrella for NFBPA's existing, and new program development efforts. The purpose of The Center is to continuously groom a cadre of young, polished, prepared and conscience leaders. The Center seeks to inspire and develop leadership, institute values, and cultivate an ethic of activism. All Center programs fall within the context of three core areas: Leadership Training and Professional Development, Scholarship and Excellence, and Ideas in Action (Practical Application).

The Center is committed to providing relevant, timely, and quality training and professional development opportunities for emerging, mid-career, and senior level public servants. In keeping with one of the overall goals of NFBPA - to groom and prepare younger public administrators - The Center is committed to establishing stronger ties with universities and schools of public administration in order to continue attracting the best and brightest to careers in public service. Our core leadership training initiatives include the Mentor Program and the Executive Leadership Institute.


The Center is committed to recognizing excellence in scholastic and professional achievement. Through partnerships with public and private sector organizations, The Center administers a variety of nationally competitive Scholarships and Professional Achievement Awards.


NFBPA offers its FORUM University during its annual FORUM National Conference. FORUM University focuses on Career Management and Executive Development and offers interactive skills-building courses designed to launch, grow or wind down a career. View course offerings for the next annual FORUM here: Be sure to register early as there is limited-space for each course.


Our commitment to training new leaders extends beyond the classroom! In order to translate 'ideas into action', our leaders must be given an opportunity to learn from experience. Through meaningful work experiences, students are encouraged to address real issues with real solutions. Our Bridges Internship Program offers meaningful internship experiences for talented college undergraduates, recent grads, and graduate level students who aspire to careers in public management. For more information about The Center for Leadership Development, feel free to contact our National Office at (202) 408-9300 ext. 102.
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